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Geldeston Village Hall Annual General Meeting 2023

Minutes Of The Geldeston Village Hall AGM



Loraine Loffstadt (Chair), Keith Loffstadt (Treasurer), Ian Ansell (vice chair), David Rowntree, Dave Shave, Leigh Farwell, Shirin Salt.


These were approved and agreed as a true reflection of the meeting. Proposed by David Rowntree, seconded by Shirin Salt.


Films - stayed with Moviola.

Cleaning – current provider is working well. Needs chasing occasionally.

Maintenance – continues to be done well. Thank you to Steve.

Bowling – well supported with approximately 15 regular attenders.

Pub Quiz – two more on the calendar before summer break. New volunteers have come forward to help run the quizzes.

Village Hall constitution and policies – these have all been updated and new policies added where required by the Charities Commission. Constitution has been agreed and accepted by the charities commission.

Lowestoft Orchestra – good evening held last year. The orchestra no longer uses the hall for rehearsals due to parking issues.

Chairs Report -

Chair went through chairs report noting the following.

Constitution and policies – all updated.

DBS Checks – introduced for all trustees.

New mobile number – mobile phone number specially for the hall. A simple phone is now needed, and chair appealed to those present to consider if they knew of a spare phone that could be donated to the hall.

Email – new process in place where all trustees receive the emails received to enable transparency and opportunity to respond.

Jubilee and fete - two very successful events.

Secretary – engaging a paid secretary is still in progress. Proving difficult to find someone who is self-employed and happy to work unsecured hours.

Village Hall brickwork/pointing – this has been delayed due to the original tradesman being found uncooperative around the hall’s day to day business. A new contractor will need to be found. The pointing and brickwork are not in very bad condition so there is no urgency with this.

Village Sign – work on the sign is on-going. Change to how the sign will be financed due to unforeseen circumstances revolving around the previous potential donors.

Wedding Licence – there have been 3 weddings in the hall to date and there is one booked for 2024. The trustees will need to consider the viability of renewing the licence at a cost of £1800 for 3 years. This means a minimum of 6 weddings during that 3 year period to make it financially viable.

Alcohol Licence/TV Licence/WiFi – all are now in place. The licences and WiFi provide the opportunity to screen events. This is to be considered further. The first such event will be King Charles III Coronation.

4.Treasurers Report – Treasurer summarised the report noting the following;

All policies were renewed during the previous year excluding the financial reserves policy and financial controls policy. These have now been updated and all members have had sight of them.

Proposal to accept the financial reserves policy – Proposed by Keith Loffstadt, seconded by David Rowntree.

Financial controls policy – accounts are in the name Geldeston Memorial Hall.

No cheque books going forwards.

Two debit cards – Treasurer to have one and one other for a committee member – currently Dave Shave.

No petty cash system other than debit cards.

5. Election of officers and appointments

Loraine Loffstadt – Proposed by Ian, Seconded by David Rowntree

Ian Ansell – Proposed by Shirin, Seconded by Dave Shave

Keith Loffstadt Proposed by Ian, Seconded by Shirin

Joan Armand – Proposed by Fizzy, Seconded by Dave Shave

Shirin Salt – Proposed by Loraine, Seconded by Leigh

Leigh Farwell – Proposed by Shirin, Seconded by Loraine

Dave Shave – Proposed by Ian, Seconded by David Rowntree

David Rowntree – Proposed by Loraine, Seconded by Ian

AGM Closed 19.45

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