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Geldeston Village Hall Annual General Meeting 2021


AGM WEDNESDAY 22nd September 2021 6.30pm


Loraine Loffstadt (Chairperson), Keith Loffstadt (Treasurer),
Fizzy Morton (Secretary), Ian Ansell, Dave Shave, David Rowntree, Shirin Salt.

Paul Sweetman, Veronica Sweetman, Julie Dawnay, Anita Lane.

Representatives: Jim Taylor, Johnny Crowfoot

Loraine welcomed those attending.


The minutes were approved, proposed by Shirin Salt, seconded by Ian Ansell. All in favour.


The Village Hall Films are running well and organised by Jackie Shave.
We now have surround sound.
Jackie will look into the next set of films as she has found a better list of choices which she can possibly ask for.

Scarecrow Trail was a huge success.

Village Hall paid to have 6 months as a poster place in the The Tidings magazine to display what’s happening in the village.
This has been useful for all the events in the village and means the films can have a space just for them.

As there is no constitution for the Produce Show it was agreed there is no need for a representative on the Committee.

Mel from Yoga said she does not need a representative.


- Chairperson's Report

During the "Lock Down" new Chairs were purchased and the Hall now also has "surround sound" for the movies.

A cleaning company is now on board and is good at keeping the Hall floor in a very good condition.

A maintenance person has also been employed on a self employed basis and is proving excellent keeping the hall in good condition.

Bowls: Dave Shave is seeing Jim Taylor to ask if he can take over the running of the Indoor Bowls Club and hopefully this will be up and running soon. Jim has said he is retiring so this is a way forward.

Scarecrow Trail was a great success.

There will be a race night on Saturday 27 November – details to be arranged.

There will be carol singing in the pub car park on the 17 December at 7pm.
Loraine to speak to Janet to arrange details.

There will also be wreath making organised by Caren on 15 December in the Hall – more details TBA.

- Treasurer's Report

Paul Sweetman asked if an accountant has to look at the Halls’ accounts. David Rowntree explained that he audited the accounts for the charities commission before he was a Committee member. This was when the income was high due to the funds re: the refurbishment. Keith explained that we are a Charity not a Trust so do not need a regular audit and due to being usually under the amount the Charity Commission stipulates an audit does not need to take place.

Our end of year accounts are on the Charity Commission’s website.

Anita Lane asked about the Indoor Bowls Club and could anyone join. Dave Shave explained that he hopes to take over from Jim Taylor (although Jim will still be a big part of the Bowls Club when he's better) and they hope to start in October on a Thursday night from 7.30pm – 9.30 pm and anyone can join in. Just a weekly attendance payment when you attend so no long term commitment.

There is an activity in the Hall every day of the week which is good news. The pot for the Pub Quiz at the Wherry is £169.90 as at 22.09.21. The first quiz was a full house.

We now have different teams to run the Coffee Mornings, Pub Quiz and Films.

By having the summer events on the Green, it certainly gave people the confidence to join in and all events were well attended and went extremely well.

Loraine is working with John from TiaGrace Web Design to keep events up to date.
There is a link on the Village Hall Facebook page to the website. ***** After the AGM was over the Committee received an email from Keith asking if we could increase the monthly amount to John from £15 to £25.
The Committee gave affirmative replies by email to Keith.

It was discussed about that we need to upgrade the Village Hall Constitution.
Keith explained that it was looked at a long time ago and proved to be expensive and complicated.
This is to be re-looked at.

Shirin asked about a policy document about bullying. Again all our policies need to be upgraded.
This is to be an Agenda subject in future meetings.

The existing Committee Members all resigned.

Loraine asked each Committee Member if they would stand again and all said yes.

AGM finished at 1905

The end of year accounts are available on the Charity commission sites.

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